Preferred Wholesalers in Tight Markets

Experienced wholesalers don’t need to build buyers lists and frankly most are not interested in adding anyone to their buyer list. They have established a limited number of reliable buyers that pay top dollar, and it doesn’t make sense to deal with new buyers that very likely can not compete with the existing ones – they will just eat up valuable time. These wholesalers don’t post deals publicly or blast to large buyer lists because there is no need. This is why most are unaware that there are plenty of local wholesale deals going around every single week.

What are the attributes of their buyers?

  • Respond very quick
  • Can close with cash as quick as needed
  • Don’t need to view the property in person to make an offer
  • Don’t care how much money the wholesaler makes
  • Honor their agreement
  • Have flipping systems in place
  • Don’t require huge ROI